Children's Church

There are great things happening in our Children Church!

The children are walking through the book of Genesis learning about the Creator and His creation. During the month of August, the children are eagerly searching scriptures in order to gain knowledge about the different stories that they have been given to write about. Once completed, they are very excited about sharing what they have learned.

Every 3rd and 4th Sunday, the children enjoy doing craft and artwork. They love being creative. During this time we reiterate what we have learned through crafts and/or artwork that compliment the lesson plan for that day.

We are working very diligently to get our children involve in sharing the gospel through drama. These are our leaders of tomorrow and we want to make sure that we provide them with foundational truths to be successful in the Kingdom.

We believe in the power of prayer, praise and worship even for our children. The children are keeping a prayer journal and we invite the parents to view what they are writing in them at anytime. We believe this prayer journal will help and encourage them to P.R.A.Y - Pray, Repent, Ask, and Yield. We are also teaching them what it means to praise God and help them recognize that they are not too young to live a holy life.

My vision is to see the children totally sold out for God with a full understanding of who God is and who they are in God.

Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom and with all your getting get understanding. (Proverb 4:7)



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