God's Progeny

The word progeny means offspring or something resulting (from something else). HWM Youth Group will be aptly named "God's Progeny" for we are the offspring of GOD, by the spirit of adoption (Romans 8:15).

We, being the children of God, came to be through the Love and Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. According to John 1:9-14, Jesus came to the earth as the true Light showing us the way to the Father, for as many to receive Him and believe on His name, He gave power to become the SONS OF GOD. It is that simple!

Purpose of God's Progeny

The purpose of this youth group is to address the issues that preteens and teens face. Being a teenager can be confusing and rough. They want to be independent but are not yet old enough to handle the responsibility that comes with independence. Parents and teens get annoyed with each other and claim that the other just doesn't understand. Being a Christian Teenager can be equally stressful as well as frustrating. Questions on how to handle different situations arise and often the answers are hard to come by. This age group is susceptible to worldly pressures more so because thoughts of being an outcast can plague them. This can hinder their witness and walk with God. God's Progeny's purpose is to foster: Growth in God's Word, Contagious Faith, Empowerment through Christ, and Everyday Holiness.

Lesson Outline/ Meeting Structure

Youth Group Lesson Plan: Topics that affect teenagers. Biblical references and challenges will be given. Planned lessons will be posted online. Parents are encouraged to inquire about any lesson taught.

Meeting will be in a casual setting. Topics will be in discussion form.

Qualifications for joining God's Progeny

Age Group : 12-18 (Middle and High School)

Frequency : Youth Group will meet on second and fourth Tuesday nights at 7 pm. Outings/ Field Trips will be scheduled and announced.

Visitors are welcomed to come and participate. Members are encouraged to bring friends to the youth group meetings. However, guests are subject to the same rules and regulations as the members.

If you are interested in knowing more about God's Progeny, please contact Evangelist Latisha Hill.


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